Our purpose at Mobivive IV Therapy & Revive Lounge lies in giving…To give happiness. To give energy. To give health. To give hope. To give those who are suffering from stress their life back.

We live in a fast-paced world that leads to long working hours, unhealthy eating habits and a lack of movement. The result of this is numerous health conditions, being susceptible to viruses, and not being the best person you can be. This is the reason we developed Mobivive, to bring you all the required medically-proven solutions in the most effective manner.


The idea for Mobivive was a result from first-hand experience with stressful working environments. We know how the hustle and bustle leads to a lack of energy, hurried and unhealthy meals, and can put a strain on relationships. When the global pandemic hit, it became even more apparent to pay attention to our health.

The big question was how can we boost our immune system, increase our energy, relieve high stress levels, turn back time to feel and look young again, and keep mentally sharp without taking up too much of our time? The solution is simple, fast and effective with Mobivive’s range of IV therapies.


The process is easy, all you need to do is make a booking here or through any of our social media platforms. Then select where you would like to get your treatment done with your preferred date and time. You have three choices of where you would like to receive your treatment:

Option 1: Our Mobivive IV Therapy lounge at The Promenade shopping mall in Camps Bay.

Option 2: In the comfort of your own home where a registered nurse will provide you with your desired treatment. R150 call-out fee per mobile IV with minimum of R300 per call-out (bus & in-house)

Option 3: In our Luxury Mobile IV Lounge at your nearest designated location.


Mobivive provides uniquely designed IV treatments that cover a wide range of health and wellness needs. Our IVs are the most comprehensive on the market at the best possible price. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a Virtual Reality experience during your session that will further ignite your senses.